Castillo De Matanzas

Re-live real St Augustine history as you and your fellow guards have the tables turned on you when a troop of clandestine British soldiers imprisons you in your own captain’s quarters. With your fort under their control, they'll have no trouble...
Difficulty: 7/10
Completion: 14%

Save The Fleet

Hurricane San Zenon has formed and is making its way across Florida and off the coast of St. Augustine. Your team of sailors is ordered to find some way to guide the shipping fleet to safety. Through driving rain and hammering waves you manage to mak...
Difficulty: 6/10
Completion: 23%

What sets Escape U Apart


Escape U has been designed from the onset to be different than other escape rooms. Our vision is for Escape U is to be a true WORLDWIDE destination for entertainment and escape room enthusiasts, right here in St Augustine. That being said, we have worked tirelessly to innovate and refine the escape room experience from start to finish. From the local handmade furniture in our lobby, to our state of the art control room, we work every day to push the boundaries of entertainment and customer service. We believe the following things sets us apart from other escape rooms:


  • We design and build our own escape rooms - A lot of escape rooms don’t actually design and build their rooms, but we do. Every detail of our St Augustine escape rooms was designed and built by us. This allows you to have a one of a kind experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Our ownership team consists of a licensed engineer, an effects and media specialist, and a business expert. This unique team allows us to design, engineer, build and operate a truly unique and immersive entertainment experience from start to finish.
  • We strive to consistently push the boundaries of technology inside of our escape rooms - Both the Castillo De Matanzas and Save the Fleet are 3rd generation escape rooms. This means they meet specific standards for use of technology, animatronics, special effects, set design and automation. Our 3rd St Augustine escape room, which is due to be open by the summer, will be a 4th generation escape room; meaning, the escape room will adopt technologies that will put our facility on the cutting edge for not only escape room technology, but technology in general. Examples of 4th generation escape room features include things like augmented reality, optical illusions, etc.
  • Our passion for the business, community and industry - Escape U St Augustine is owned and operated by three escape room junkies. Sometimes people say to us "wow this is addicting", and our response is always "We got so addicted we opened one". All three of us are incredibly passionate about the escape room industry and want to see it grow and constantly evolve.  Also, all three owners are St Johns County locals and we are incredibly proud to do business and employee people in the community that we grew up in. We love what we do, and it is our hope that this love and passion is translated into an excellent experience for all our guests.
  • Incorporation of local St Augustine History - St Augustine is incredibly rich in history and we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to incorporate this into our escape rooms. Thus, all our escape rooms are St. Augustine themed. Each game is based off a real event that has happened in St Augustine history. We give guests the opportunity to not only learn about history, but live it!

We hope that all of this comes together one day to make us a true worldwide entertainment destination. We look forward to seeing you soon!